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April 2013

Good day,

2 important subjects.

1- You will find, in the attachment, a publicity made by Ferme Fabie about their services. Note that horses are owned by woman in 78% of the case. So, if you are not interested by this publicity show it to your wife and read the second subject.

2- VERY IMPORTANT. At the Pontiac Airpark you can build a hangar only and live in it. No need to build a house. The hangar must have a house look like. It is very easy to do with a few windows, colors, etc. Decorative hangar door from or will help you to achieve this. Also, you can build your garage first than you will have one (1) year to build your house. THE BUILDING(S) ON ONE (1) LOT CAN BE OWNED BY MORE THAN ONE (1) OWNER or in other words: a few pilots can buy a lot together and build their hangar.

Hope these information will be useful to you.

Safe flying!

February 2013

Pontiac Airpark buys more land. Seven (7) pieces of the old CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) was added to the project. Importance of the acquisition is not the size of the lots but their strategic location. The 3 km of the old railroad will give access to about 7 km of public road and to the Gatineau Park. The trails may be use by horse riders, hiking, snowshoes, crosscountry skiing, etc. This is another attractive feature for the future golf, hotel, restaurant and spa project which I am looking for a developer.


November 2012

Equestrian Centre moves in beside Pontiac Airpark

By Andrea Cranfield, Editor, The Equity
November 14, 2012
(Reprinted with permission)

Fifty-three horses were moved onto an 85 acre farm at the beginning of September right beside the Pontiac Airpark in Luskville.

Owners of the horse farm, Michel Allen and his wife Claude Blanchette, and owner of the Pontiac Airpark André Durocher hope to work together to provide visitors with a positive experience in Pontiac.

Allen and Blanchette plan to offer their services to patrons of the Pontiac Airpark.

"We’re on Hwy. 148 and the air park is on River Road so the only thing between us and the air park is an old railway track that is removed and River we’re just back-to-back with the Pontiac airport," said Allen.

The horse farm called Elevage Fabie, is known for breeding and boarding Canadian Horses.

"We have Canadians and there’s not that many breeders of Canadian horses, I’m telling you. The Canadian horse is the national horse of Canada, the best kept secret in Canada, I think. We’ve been in the business of breeding the Canadian horse for about 12 years now," said Allen.

Prior to moving the business to Luskville, Elevage Fabie was based in Aylmer with Allen renting land for the horses.

"To me it was a better idea to move and buy a place of our own," said Allen.

He thought the move would be a good opportunity to be a part of the air park expansion.

Durocher is pleased that Allen and Blanchette have purchased the land beside the air park so that pilots can go horseback riding while waiting to fly.

"This farm was for sale for a few years and I worked hard to find someone to buy it to offer the equestrian centre services because it’s going to be good for my clients," said Durocher. "There are many projects like that in the states where you can see the airplanes and the horses all together in the same spot."

Besides giving riding lessons, trail rides, hay and sleigh rides, participating in horse shows and breeding Canadian horses at the new location, Allen said he can transport people to and from the air park.

The first step in expanding the Pontiac Airpark, according to Durocher, was to add the equestrian centre. Next, he hopes there will be more buyers that purchase land next to the air park who will eventually build a golf course, hotel, restaurant and spa.

"It’s going to be a 500 acre project … It’s going to attract tourists. You land on the runway, and you bring your plane to the hotel and then you can play golf, you can go with horses, you can go on the Ottawa River, sailing, boating, skiing, fishing," said Durocher.

Allen said one of his main goals is to get people hooked on the Canadian horse.

"They’re exceptional horses...We’ve sold horses in France, we’ve sold them in the U.S. and all over Quebec and Ontario. We have horses all over the place. We hope to (spread the word) because the Canadian horse is almost extinct," he said adding, "In 1970, there was only 400 (purebred) horses left, and now thanks to a few crazy people like me, we have about 4,500 to 6,000 registered horses."



September 2012

It’s done! 53 horses have now arrived at the new equestrian centre just north of the Pontiac Airpark!

Elevage Fabie ( have moved into their new quarters and now offer their services

to the airpark and the Pontiac’s residents.

The aerial photo shows the Ottawa River, the airpark, 85 acres of wooded residential land

and the equestrian centre located on the left hand side of Highway 148.

A golf course, hotel, restaurant and spa will be located on the right hand side of the airpark!

I am looking for someone for these projects!

Any lot on the project can be purchased now, except for lots 60 and 61.

You can build any lot in phase 1 now! There is no time limit to build.  We finance!

June 2012


The 80 acres farm found a buyer. An equestrian facility will be built close to the airpark.

Residential lots will be available for this project.

Ladies and gentlemen come and play!!

Next step: the golf, the hotel, the restaurant and the spa!

June 2012

We have been awaiting this news for a number of years, the Quyon ferry, located 4 km west,

will now be operating twelve months a year! The boat will accommodate 90 tons of vehicles,

including tractor-trailers and motor coaches, instead of the previous 10 ton limit.

The ferry will make car access from Pontiac Airpark on the north side of the Ottawa River

to Kanata and Arnprior easy all year around!

March 2012

March 2012

Pontiac Airpark grows again! After buying 85 acres north of the airpark and the availability

to develop an equestrian facility on a 80 acres north of the 85 acres now is a 130 acres,

to the west, available for a golf course, hotel, restaurant and spa!! A 550 acres project.

See the plan in attachment.

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February 24th, 2012

BUSSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Pontiac Airpark (PAP) is searching to find

a buyer for a 80 acres farm located immediately North of the 85 acres recently

acquired by the PAP. The farm includes a 3 stories cement bloc house built in 1914,

a hangar and a stable. The owner of the 80 acres could develop an equestrian facility

for the residents of the PAP and for any other interested people. This 80 acres could be

part of the bigger project including the airport, the seaplane base and … (more to come).

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February 2012

Pontiac Airpark (PAP) is expanding! PAP just bought a 85 acres residential land

located immediately North of the PAP project and North of the River Road.

This land will help improving the PAP project.

December 2011 : Lot 36 is ready for his new house. Trees have been cut

and the ground was levelled. Just waiting for the warm spring.

January 2011.  Both runways are approved by Transport Canada and are published in the CFS (Canada Flight Supplement).

November 2010. Both runways are built and completed on compacted 0-3/8 gravel (stone dust).

Spring 2009. The seaplane base is approved by Transport Canada and is published in the WAS (Water Aerodrome Supplement).